• What is an Au Pair?

    Au pairs participate in a cultural exchange program with host families in the United States. As an au pair, you’ll receive a weekly stipend, an educational allowance, and room and board. In return, you’ll be responsible for providing reliable live-in child care. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be submerged in U.S. culture, and in the family life of your hosts in the United States.

    If you travel with us, we will fly you to Florida, where you will train in St Petersburg Florida. You will learn about child development, safety, and you will take a CPR class. You will meet your experienced Regional Representatives, and you will learn about a network of Local Representatives, one of whom will live near your host family. and through our experienced Regional Representatives in head office.

How do I become an Au Pair?

An au pair must:

  1. be between 18 and 26 years old (inclusive) when he/she arrives for training.
  2. be proficient in spoken English.
  3. have completed secondary school
  4. provide at least 3 references, at least one must be related to childcare work experience.
  5. pass a criminal background check.
  6. pass a psychometric test.
  7. participate in training in the US. The cost of this training, and your hotel during training, are covered.
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We offer two programs

Regular Program

The regular program is for au pairs who are more interested in working as childcare providers and taking fewer classes as part of their program.

Regular au pairs cannot work more than 45 hours a week, and they cannot work more than ten hours per day. Standard au pairs receive at least $195.75 per week in pay. Standard au pairs must attend at least six semester hours, or equivalent, of classes at an accredited U.S. post-secondary institution. Families pay up to $500 for the educational support of the au pair.

Educare Program

The EduCare program is for au pairs who want to work with families with school-aged children who require child care before and after school. EduCare au pairs must take more classes.

EduCare au pairs cannot work more than 30 hours a week, and not more than ten hours per day. EduCare au pairs receive at least $146.81 per week in pay. EduCare au pairs must complete 12 semester hours, or equivalent, of academic credit at an accredited US post-secondary institution. The host family pays up to $1,000 for the au pair's required academic tuition.

Program Comparison

Program Hours Per Week Pay Per Week Educational Allowance Age of Children
STANDARD 45 $195.75 $500 per year Any age
* less than 2 years requires additional documentation
* less than 3 months, someone other than the au pair must be present in the home
EDUCARE 30 $146.81 $1,000 per year School age

If you have been an au pair in the US before, you can repeat, but additional rules apply. Contact us at admin@expertaupair.com for details.

The fees are explained below.
Program fee: $500 Only after your visa has been approved
Air fare supplement: $0 - $500 Only after your visa has been approved
TOTAL: $500 - $1,000 depending on country

Expert au pair

Why Us?

If you qualify, we want you to apply! Below are some reasons to work with us.

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Federal Designation:

Expert AuPair is one of only fifteen federally designated au pair sponsor organizations, so we can issue you a DS-2019 and legally sponsor you on a J-1 cultural exchange visa. All designated au pair sponsors have undergone a rigorous application process, and all must meet high standards of service, including, for example, performing in-home interviews on host families.

St Petersburg Orientation:

Expert AuPair brings au pairs to St. Petersburg for their orientation. You'll stay in the walkable downtown area, where you can experience the sunniest city in America without having to worry about driving around. You get most evenings and one full afternoon free to explore the area -- some au pairs go to the beach, others visit the Dali museum or just relax by the hotel pool. Visit the hotel website here.

Relevant Training:

Our training is designed to help you to adjust to being a provider of primary childcare in the US. We also pay for your CPR class, which is normally held at the St Petersburg Fire Department.

Excellent medical insurance:

We provide, for no extra charge, medical insurance plan with $0 deductible. Covered expenses on this standard plan are 100% paid by the insurance company. This means that if you get sick while you are in the US, your visit to the doctor will normally be completely free. As with any American insurance, there are exclusions, but it's well worth comparing medical insurance from other organizations before you make a decision.

Your Choice:

You and the host family will choose each other. We will never force you to choose a family.
You can keep looking until you find a perfect match.

Framework of Support:

We provide a local representative near your host family's house, and you will also have a regional representative in head office to help you with any problems.

More money in your pocket:

Our fees are significantly lower than offered by some other agencies.

More affordable extension year:

A one-time extension is available at the end of a successful year, at no additional cost to you if you match again with the same family. Expert AuPair has the most affordable extension year for your host family, and this makes it more likely that they will extend if you have a good relationship with them, and if you are doing your job well. We also offer you the opportunity to apply with a new host family for your second year, at a cost of only $370.

Two bags on your return home:

We know that you'll want to return home with more than you brought to the US. We pay for your second bag (up to 23kg) on your return home, since normally only one bag is included. On some airlines, this is a $100 value!

What's Included

Visa Forms
Help with your Embassy Interview. Once matched, you will receive instructions on how to prepare for your interview. We are available to answer any questions you may have. As an added bonus, we'll pay your SEVIS fee, a $35 savings.
International airfare and transfer to your host family's local airport. An airfare supplement is required for Au Pairs from certain countries.
Hotel & Airport Transfer
We provide transfer to and from the airport in Tampa and your hotel including continental breakfast. During your week long orientation in St Petersburg, Florida you'll start to experience life in the U.S.
Orientation to help you adjust to life in the U.S. which includes training that covers child safety and development training. This training is designed to help you transition into being a child care provider rather than just a babysitter.
Child Development Training that covers safety and development
First Aid & CPR
Certification is available after your test. The course is held at the St Petersburg Fire Department.
Home Office Support
A regional representative of our company to help support your local representative.
Support Network
A local representative of our company within one hour of your host family's home to help you throughout the year.
Medical Insurance
Our policy has $0 deductible for covered expenses, and there is no co-payment for unexpected doctor's visits.
Room & Board
Accommodation and food for one year, provided by your host family.
$500 towards taking classes at a U.S. post-secondary institution ($1,000 for EduCare au pairs)
Wages which total at least $10,100 during your stay ($7,600 for EduCare au pairs)


At Expert AuPair, we are committed to a policy of no hidden fees. The table included below is a full disclosure of the fees you will pay to our company. We have also included a list of additional costs you may incur while on our program. These costs are not paid to Expert AuPair, and are approximate. They depend on many factors, including the city in which your host family lives and your own spending habits.

Please note that we will not ask you to pay until you have been approved for your US visa. You must pay the US Embassy to apply for your visa, but our fees are not due until your visa is approved. Do not pay fees to us unless you're sure the request has actually been sent from an expertaupair.com email address -- do not fall for a fraudulent email scam.

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Additional Expected Costs

We estimate that you may incur other costs during your year in America. Of course your cost will vary depending on your lifestyle, and whether you want to travel home at some point during the year. All of the costs listed below can easily be covered on your weekly wage, which will be at least $195.75.

You are responsible for travel to the American Embassy or Consulate in your country, and the cost of travel to your departure airport.

Embassy interview fee

The normal cost is $160, but it varies by country because interview scheduling fees and passport mailing fees can total up to $30. We pay the SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visitor Information System) fee for you.

Background check

Varies by country. Can be as low as $0 and as high as $100.

Entertainment cost

We estimate that most au pairs will spend $1,000 on entertainment expenses during the year.

Education cost

Your host family will provide $500 towards the cost of your education. This may cover your total cost, but no matter which au pair company you choose, your education cost depends which subject you take and where you study. Some au pairs spend an additional $1,000 on their education.

Travel cost

Most au pairs spend money to travel around the U.S. after the end of their program.
We expect most au pairs will spend $1,000.

Airfare Supplements By Continent

The cost of a flight to the United States is significantly more expensive from some countries than it is from others.
Our airfare supplements are designed to equalize the expense to host families of each ticket.
If you have any questions about which region you are in, please contact us at admin@expertaupair.com

Continent Cost
AFRICA (all countries) $400.00
ASIA (middle east) $300.00
ASIA (all others) $500.00
EUROPE (* western europe) $100.00
EUROPE (* eastern europe) $300.00
OCEANIA (all countries) $500.00
SOUTH AMERICA (** all countries) $400.00
* All EFTA and EU countries, together with Monaco, San Marino, and Andorra, constitute Western Europe. Eastern Europe includes the Russian Federation and Turkey, even those parts of those countries geographically in Asia.
** There is currently no airfare supplement from Colombia. Au pairs originating in Venezuela are responsible for their one-way flight from Caracas to Tampa International Airport, but pay no fee to Expert AuPair.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Basic Information

    You must complete this section first. Once you have done this, we will know how easy it will be to match you with a host family.

  • Application form

    The easiest way to start is to complete our secure online application. You can also complete a paper application.

  • Letter to Host Family

    Send a letter to us for your future host family about one page in length. If you're a prematch, we don't need your letter to be very detailed, but often a good letter is important to help you to match. You should decide what you want to highlight to prospective families about your Example Letter.

  • Photos

    Send us three photos of you. It's easiest for us to match you with a US host family if you send some photos that say something about you, so we recommend one of you by yourself, one of you with your family, and one of you watching children.

  • Background Checks

    Since you will be working with children, these are very important.

  • References

    Submit two personal references, and one childcare-related reference. References can be submitted in English or in your native language. Many families in the au pair program have children under the age of 2. If you are willing to work with a child under 2, it will be easier to match you. However, you will need to document 200 hours of experience with children under 2 years old. If you are willing to work with a child who has special needs, we may need to ask for more documentation of your experience working with special needs children.

  • School Records

    Send photocopies of your proof of completion of secondary school.

  • Passport Information Page

    Send a copy of your passport information page.

  • Physician's Report Form

    Ask your family doctor complete our physician's report form. Your doctor should send it to us by fax or in a sealed envelope.

  • Background and Driving Check

    We need your Police Clearance or Good Conduct Certificate. The exact requirement depends on your country, and we will help you to understand what we need.

  • Your Matching Interviews

    You will personally interview with one of our representatives, and you will interview by telephone with your host family before you choose each other.

  • In-Country Interview

    You will interview with Expert AuPair. Interviews are normally available within one week . During your interview, you must show that you are proficient in English and complete a personality profile. We do not interview every candidate; only those we think are likely to match with a family.

  • Match with Family

    You will interview by telephone and email with a host family. If they offer you a job, you choose whether to take it or not.

  • Your Embassy Interviews and departure

    We will send detailed instructions on how to apply for your visa before your Embassy appointment.

  • Embassy Interview City

    You will interview for your visa at the US Embassy or Consulate.

  • Departure

    You will travel with complete instructions on how to go through US immigration and meet us in Tampa.