Host Family Costs

Fees paid to Expert AuPair
We charge


This amount is due once your au pair has had her visa approved. Our pricing is as simple as it gets.

Our fees cover the costs for home-country au pair screening, embassy fees, all airfare (international and domestic transfer, in-person orientation with 32 hours of childcare training in Saint Petersburg, Florida, local and regional representatives for the full year of your program, and health insurance for your au pair during his/her stay.

We do not charge a domestic transfer fee, and nothing is due until your au pair's visa is approved.

(*) A $300 surcharge applies to placements in Alaska, Hawaii, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Amount paid to your au pair

Note: The figures below are the minimum required. You can pay more to your au pairs, according to the terms of your contract with them.

These figures are based on one full year of full time childcare, and refer to the regular (45 hour per week) au pair program, and separately to the Educare (30 hour per week) options.

Item Cost Due
Pay $10,179 ($195.75 X 52 weeks) Due according to contract
Tuition allowance $500 Due at time of enrollment in accredited post-secondary institution
TOTAL $10,679

Item Cost Due
Pay $7,634.12 ($146.81 X 52 weeks) Due according to contract
Tuition allowance $1000 Due at time of enrollment in accredited post-secondary institution
TOTAL $8,634.12

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Weekly average

If you average the fees, wages, and educational stipend listed below over 51 weeks, the total fees and wages come to approximately $347 per week to host a regular au pair and about $308 a week to host an EduCare au pair.

Au Pair Costs

At Expert AuPair, we are committed to a policy of no hidden fees. The table included below is a full disclosure of the fees you will pay to our company.
We have also included a list of additional costs you may incur while on our program. These costs are not paid to Expert AuPair, and are approximate. They depend on many factors, including the city in which your host family lives and your own spending habits.

Please note that we will not ask you to pay until you have been approved for your US visa. You must pay the US Embassy to apply for your visa, but our fees are not due until your visa is approved. Do not pay fees to us unless you're sure the request has actually been sent from an email address -- do not fall for a fraudulent email scam.

Fees Explained:

Program fee: $500 - Only after your visa has been approved
Air fare supplement: $0 - $500 Only after your visa has been approved
TOTAL: $500 - $1,000 depending on country

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Additional Expected Costs

We estimate that you may incur other costs during your year in America. Of course your cost will vary depending on your lifestyle, and whether you want to travel home at some point during the year. All of the costs listed below can easily be covered on your weekly wage, which will be at least $195.75.

You are responsible for travel to the American Embassy or Consulate in your country, and the cost of travel to your departure airport.

Embassy interview fee

The normal cost is $160, but it varies by country because interview scheduling fees and passport mailing fees can total up to $30. We pay the SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visitor Information System) fee for you.

Background check

Varies by country. Can be as low as $0 and as high as $100.

Entertainment cost

We estimate that most au pairs will spend $1,000 on entertainment expenses during the year.

Education cost

Your host family will provide $500 towards the cost of your education. This may cover your total cost, but no matter which au pair company you choose, your education cost depends which subject you take and where you study. Some au pairs spend an additional $1,000 on their education.

Travel cost

Most au pairs spend money to travel around the U.S. after the end of their program.
We expect most au pairs will spend $1,000.

Airfare Supplements By Continent

The cost of a flight to the United States is significantly more expensive from some countries than it is from others.
Our airfare supplements are designed to equalize the expense to host families of each ticket.
If you have any questions about which region you are in, please contact us at

Continent Cost
AFRICA (all countries) $400.00
ASIA (middle east) $300.00
ASIA (all others) $500.00
EUROPE (* western europe) $100.00
EUROPE (* eastern europe) $300.00
OCEANIA (all countries) $500.00
SOUTH AMERICA (** all countries) $400.00
* All EFTA and EU countries, together with Monaco, San Marino, and Andorra, constitute Western Europe. Eastern Europe includes the Russian Federation and Turkey, even those parts of those countries geographically in Asia.
** There is currently no airfare supplement from Colombia. Au pairs originating in Venezuela are responsible for their one-way flight from Caracas to Tampa International Airport, but pay no fee to Expert AuPair.